Renewable energy is fast on the rise, and for a country like Nigeria with unreliable power, renewable energy is the solution if you are looking for uninterrupted power.But of course it comes at a price, on the other hand there is something for everybody if you are a bachelor living in a self-contained apartment its easier to set something up for as low as hundrd thousand naira($80).The price increases relative to the number and size of the appliencs you wish to power with this system.

I am an Electrical Engineer and a tech blogger, in fact i have been working in the renewable energy field for years now and individuals who wish to have this system installed often ask 1. How much KVA inverter do i need? 2.How many batteries do i need to buy? 3. what about Solar panels?. Most of them get scared by the price when we explain things to them, i know its much with the nature of things in the country, nobody wants to spend that much if they are not sure what they are getting is genuine, because their are so many copy cats in the market.We often give 12 months warranty on our products, and here is the ice breaker. Now, i am about to tell you something you may not know or the inverter seller will not tell you. Most inverters and geneartors you buy are not up to the KVA you were told. Surprised?, your mighty 100KVA generator could be 80KVA only, thats why they recommanded you to buy 100KVA even though you just want to power a 65KVA load even when their is 80KVA to be on the safe said they said, This is the same for inverters, i can only boost of one inveter i have worked with and can stand buy and say it is complete and that is the INVICTUS ENERGY INVERTER. The 8kva is 8kva, confirmed and tested not like most 8kva inverters in the market with a 6.5kva engine. All INVICTUS INVERTERS ARE COMPLETE so i will recommend it if you are thinking of intsalling an inverter if you can't find it contact me and i will get one for you.

Enough secrets have been leaked already, this is a blog, not the Panama papers. Now, let me answer the first question in the layman term "HOW MUCH KVA DI I NEED?". I am not going to start doing the maths here oR start giving you equations, so you don't close this blog and run away but i am going to tell you that all electrical applience have a rated wattage, and this wattages vary according tO manufacturers. The wattage of an LG 60inch television is different from the wattage of a Samsung 60inch television, but there is a standard rated wattage for appliences regardless of the manufacturer.

The image above show some electrical appliences and their individual standard ratings, to know the exact wattage of your electrical applience you can search the internet using the unique manufacturs number.for instance, if you wish to estimate the amount of KVA you need to run 1 Television 8 energy saver bulbs, 1 decorder and a standing fan all you have to do is add the wattages together, in this case (150+(23x8)+60+80) that is 321Watts, but since 321 watts inverters don't exist you go for the next closest above it thats 500Watts.It is that simple, this is something you can do in the comforts of your home. Some sellers are not very sincere are could try to make you go for something bigger because then they get make more money, making it difficult for people who wish to have this revolutionary and eco-friendly technology. Here, is another thing you should know, Wattage and KVA is the same, so a 1000 watts inverter is the same as 1KVA inverter. Wattage is just Voltage x Ampere. Voltage x Amperes is Power and the SI unit of Power is watt, which is 1 joule per second.In my next blog i will write about the second question "HOW MANY BATTERIES DO I NEED".

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